A downloadable game for Windows

Four individuals have been invited to visit a peculiar mansion by the enigmatic Donny. They know not the reason or the purpose of their visit. Donny has revealed only that they should enter the mansion on this particular night, and has entrusted a key to them with the vague instruction to "look around" as much as possible. But they are not the only ones roaming the corridors...

Unlocked evidence is saved so long as you don't close the application.

EDIT: Just realised that for the poetry decyphering minigame there is no explanation of how to pick out the right words. You need to right click them in order to select them, and you need to click on one of the letters in the word in order for it to register.

Install instructions

No special requirements, .exe should run on it's own. Double click to open it once it's downloaded.


itch.io Game Jam Back of My Mind.exe 35 MB


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Good job team - like the theme and the look of the game.